The DentalHacks Podcast episode 03: Dr. Ryan McCall’s dentures are sexier than yours

McCall coat shirtIn episode 3 of the DentalHacks Podcast we begin our two part interview with Dr. Ryan McCall. Dr. McCall practices an interesting kind of dentistry where he focuses mainly on delivering amazing dentures on patients that are often difficult or unwanted by other dentists. This interview packs a lot of great insight on denture treatment and all kinds of laughs!

In this week’s Brain Trust segment we feature a discussion on a potential treatment from England (complete with horrible accents!) that could lead to “no more cavities.” Is this hype or is this the real thing? Also, the Brain Trust begins its two part discussion on holistic dentistry and all things alternative.

Some links for the show:

Ryan McCall’s website:¬†

“No More Fillings…” article

Episode 2: Dr. Lance Timmerman Strikes Back (also talks about sleep apnea)

Lance Timmerman AboveOur interview continues with Seattle cosmetic dentist Dr. Lance Timmerman. In this episode, Dr. Timmerman explains how he got started treating sleep apnea in his practice and how the way he treats it has changed.

The Brain Trust returns with Dr. Jason Luchtefeld, Dr. Tammy Bailey, Dr. Dawn Kulongowski and Dr. Andy Hayes discussing sleep apnea as well as the question: “if you could go back in time and talk to yourself for five minutes just as you were entering dental school, what would you tell yourself?”

Have some laughs and learn some stuff with the latest episode of your new favorite dental podcast…The DentalHacks Podcast!

Episode 1: It has begun (featuring Dr. Lance Timmerman)

Lance Timmerman squareWelcome to the first episode of the DentalHacks podcast!

In our first episode we featured Dr. Lance Timmerman. You can find his website at

He discussed his training and specifically mentioned DentaSpa Seminars for his training.

If you have any questions or comments about the episode, we’d love to hear about it! You can email us at, find us on Twitter: @DentalHacks or comment on our Facebook page at:¬†DentalHacks. We’d love to hear what you think!

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