Best value for money I've found in the ED medication market.

Black Friday 2020!

2020 has been quite a year. To make up for everything the Dental Hacks and the companies that they work with have some pretty amazing “Black Friday” deals for you!

The first one actually comes a week BEFORE black Friday! Our friends at Zirc are having an AMAZING flash sale this coming Thursday…that’s November 19th! It’s buy one, get one for packages of 25 of the amazing Mr. Thirsty One Step! That’s right, buy one, get one using code “DHBOGO” on the website at: dentalhacks.com/mrthirsty!

This is the best pricing we’ve seen, so mark your calendars for this coming Thursday!

The next deal comes from our friends at YAPI! YAPI has a bundle that they call “the Works” that can do a LOT of stuff! Intraoffice communication, paperless forms, patient reminders, managing reviews…it really is THE WORKS! It will replace multiple services you’re already paying for and it will likely cost you less!

And even bigger news! YAPI is having an AMAZING Black Friday sale staring November 27th going all the way through cyber week! You’ll save $25/month on “The Works” package for an entire year AND they’ll waive the set up fees! This is a deal that should not be missed…starting on Friday, November 27th going all the way through Cyber week!
Check out all that YAPI can do for you at https://yapiapp.com/partners/dental-hacks/.

Our last Black Friday deal comes to us from our friends at Dental Online Training!  They’re featuring their best pricing of the year for Black Friday! Here’s the deal:

        1. 25% OFF premium membership (save $225 – from $900 to $675)
        2. 1 (one) year access
        3. Free Class II Kit ($120 value)
        4. Over 30 hours of lectures and workshops with AGD credits available
        5. 30 min private coaching
        6. Special coupons from sponsors (Brasseler, Cosmedent, AdDent)

Dental Online Training features tons of useful courses, kits with everything you’ll need to learn new skills and lessons broken up into short modules so you can learn at your own pace! It’s the perfect way to get CE in your bath robe! It’s the perfect way to take CE when you don’t want to travel! Sign up for more information on the amazing Black Friday sale here: https://www.dothandson.com/black-friday/!