The ugly truth is that sometimes dentists need lawyers. Often we need lawyers when we don’t even know we need lawyers. Jason Wood, a lawyer for dentists, is here to help you understand when you do and don’t need a lawyer. Jason handles all kinds of dental business transactions…the big ones. Partnerships, associateships, purchasing and selling dental practices. If you’ve spent any time on DentalTown you probably know of him. He’s a partner at Wood and Delgado and in episode 73 we talk about some of the legal mistakes that dentists make:

  • Attempting an associateship when there’s really not enough money for an associateship
  • Doing a startup in poor demographics
  • Buying a house before you buy a practice
  • Not negotiating associate compensation

In this week’s Brain Trust segment we pick up our conversation with Dr. Art Volker and international dentists Dr. Serhat Koken of Turkey and Dr. Andrew Chandrapal from the UK. In the second half of our discussion we dig deep into the roots of how they’ve become the amazing clinicians that they are. At the root of this is a web group/Facebook group called Style Italiano. This and several private groups that encourage excellence and posting cases have taken their clinical successes to new heights!

Go Hack Yourself:

Jason: Using a suction tip to cover access screws during open tray dental implant impressions

Alan: Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast by Ken Forkish

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 Some links from today’s show:

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Edelweiss composite veneers

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