Dr. Nate Lawson from UAB and Instagram big shot of @dentinaltube fame returns to the podcast for yet another episode.

Nate starts off and shares the trials and tribulations of being on the lecture circuit.

We continue our class II discussion from last week.  If you missed last week, our tooth is diagnosed, numbed and isolated and it’s time to warm up the drill.  Highlights include:

  • what burs do we use for preps and cares removal
  • what matrices and wedges do we use
  • Kevin’s gears get grinded by soft matrices
  • Nate like tor matrices, Dual force Wedges, and Palodent/Triodent Rings
  • Kevin likes the Palodent/Triodent system all the way through
  • Zach uses the IMatrix/IdealForm rings/matrices which is a pretty close clone of triodent and the wave wedges from Palodent

Thanks for nerding out with us on Class 2 things over the past 2 weeks.    If you want to discuss this episode in more detail, check out the Clinical Hacks Facebook page for more information.

Thanks for listening!