The Dental Hacks are joined by Dr. Gregg Kinzer to discuss continuing education now that we’ve had a year or so of the pandemic. Some topics we covered:

  • Spear started back to live CE in September 2020
  • Why workshops are perfect in person CE…layered learning
  • What does Spear look like post-pandemic? (spoiler…there are “Popemobile” style plexiglass lab benches!)
  • The pandemic has given workshop attendees WAY more face time with Gregg and the rest of the instructors!
  • Some pandemic changes are going to stay! Virtual seminars are likely going to stay. Spear will be virtual and IRL.
  • Study clubs will change as well…there will be live virtual study club events!
  • Spear Practice Solutions have a lot of statistics about “post shutdown” opening. Most practices opened strong! Also people feel safe at the dental office!
  • What does the diagnosis/treatment planning workflow look like in Gregg’s office?
  • Co-discovery and take photos!
  • How does Gregg handle the “difficult patient?” (poor opening, giant tongue, etc)
  • Who are the people that Gregg automatically won’t treat? (spoiler: follow your gut!)
  • Gregg proposes a dental version of “The Truman Show.”
  • Tips on taking more photos
  • Gregg on social media peer pressure

Some links from the show:

Spear Aesthetics

Spear Practice Solutions

Spear Education

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