We’re featuring an entire week of Dr. Drew Byrnes! Not only is Drew building a new office, he’s got some other really cool projects he’s working on! One of them is called “Dental Membership Direct.” Drew’s focus is on Fee for Service dentistry and he’s found that offering his patients a membership plan attracts patients that aren’t focused on using dental benefits! Drew’s software administers the plan for you and helps you track everything you need to track in your membership plan!

Drew’s links:

The Fee for Service Dentist podcast

Dental Membership Direct

The Chicago Study Club (use coupon code “chicagohacks”)

Our friends at Itena have a nanocomposite that you NEED to try! It’s called Reflectys. It’s a universal composite that comes in compules or syringes, 16 shades and is satisfyingly radioopaque! Go find out more at dentalhacks.com/reflectys! You can buy Reflectys through the following dealers: DC Dental, Henry Schein, Benco, Dental Health Products and Pearson Dental. You can request a free sample by emailing Callie Schutt at callie.schutt@itena-na.com!

Komet has done it again! They’ve created the Cut, Finish and Polish kit for zirconia and lithium disilicate. You can cut it off, adjust it and polish it…all with one great kit! Go check it out at dentalhacks.com/cutfinishpolish and take advantage of an amazing Komet discount! Buy $300 worth of our favorite Komet products on the website and use the coupon code “HACKS100” and receive $100 off your order!