Jason and Alan are joined by Dr. Jeni Perna (aka: yogi_dentist) and Dr. Vince Napoli (aka: invinciblesmiles) to talk about social media, practice models and orthodontics!

  • How did Jeni and Vince start with Instagram? For patients? For dentists?
  • Sharing vs. oversharing (authenticity helps define this)
  • Content creators and “feeding the beast”
  • What works on Instagram
  • Alan’s fat thumbs
  • How to delegate office social media
  • How do you know what will get social media traction? (Goats, the answer is goats.)
  • Instagram Stories vs. main page
  • Al’s bleach accident on his dad
  • Jeni and Vince are engaged to be married and they work together (a little bit…not full time)
  • Vince’s amazing/interesting business model (traveling orthodontist)
  • Bioclear + orthodontics is a match made in heaven
  • Selling and buying specialty practices
  • CE for specialists (orthodontists specifically)
  • Orthodontists and aligners. Is there such a thing as a “plastic only” office?
  • Should someone else do your social media/Instagram? (spoiler: NO!)

Some links from the show

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Let’s say you’re at the Chicago Midwinter meeting and you’re looking for a great ramen restaurant. There are a lot of them, so how do you choose? Well obviously…you look at the reviews! Consumers are drawn to good reviews when they’re looking for any kind of business and your dental office is no different. Our friends at YAPI understand this. YAPI™ generates quality, authentic online reviews by automatically inviting your patients to leave reviews on the sites that matter most, such as Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades. With YAPI™, your patients get an automatic review request via SMS with a link that allows them to post a review while they are still in your office or any time later. YAPI™ also makes it easy for your patients to relate any negative experience directly with your practice. This feature helps collect feedback from patients, and it encourages any patient who may have had less than ideal experience to reach out to your practice and share their concerns privately. Your office can really benefit from great reviews in all the right places and YAPI can make it happen! Check out Instareview and all of the other great features YAPI has to offer at dentalhacks.com/YAPI. YAPI. It’s a funny name, but it’s serious software!

If you had the chance to take a course from a living legend, wouldn’t you? Dr. Buddy Mopper is a giant in cosmetic dentistry. He basically created cosmetic bonded dentistry and he is still teaching! His legendary course “Catch the Composite Wave: and Surf its Potential” is coming up on May 7-8, 2020 at Cosmedent’s Center for Esthetic Excellence in downtown Chicago! Not only will you get a bunch of face time with Dr. Mopper, you’ll also get to work with the one and only Dr. Dennis Hartlieb! If you want to do esthetic composite, this is where you should start! Check it out at dentalhacks.com/Buddy!

Go Hack Yourself

Jason: DYNAVISTA Full Motion Universal Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket

Alan: The Antigen Podcast and Call Her Daddy Podcast

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