JLips comes on down and join the Clinical Hacks for a grand ole time.

We got a little non-clinical this week as Jason’s forte is social media and website marketing, so we played to his strengths.

If you are a Spear Online Education subscriber Jason has some courses coming out soon on online marketing.

We started off discussing podcasts we listen to..  a podcast about podcasts!

Jason and Kevin are both Joe Rogan fans.

Zach prefers the sweet sounds of Will Ferrell on the Ron Burgandy podcast and deep dives on movies with the Rewatchables.


We started discussing websites initially, but then went into a tangent on Google and Google My Business.   Highlights include:

  • Own your Google My Business page and make sure it is up to date
  • How important is content between social media, google posts, etc
  • Google Reviews:   Kevin comes in with a hot take on reviews that you won’t want to miss
  • Jason uses YAPI to get more reviews.
  • Get more reviews on random pages like Yelp, Citysearch, etc.
  • Zach shares a free (shocking) way to get more google reviews.

Come back next week to hear Jason talk more about internet marketing.