Ready, Fire, Aim with Dr. Chris Salierno (DHP44)

Chris-Salierno-imageHave you ever been stuck in “paralysis by analysis?” Then you should listen to episode 44 of the DentalHacks! In episode 44, Chris Salierno shares more about his responsibilities as editor-in-chief at Dental Economics. Then he goes on to tell us about passive ownership of a dental practice vs. active ownership as well as his thoughts about the future of dentistry and dental reimbursement.

Then, the Brain Trust takes on posterior composites. Dr. Melissa Zettler, Dr. Rich Rosenblatt, Jason and Alan dig in to everyone’s favorite procedures. How are they deciding what’s appropriate for a direct restoration vs. indirect? What materials are they using? How do they prep teeth? Is a discussion about bonding agents more controversial than a discussion of religion? We cover it all from soup to nuts!

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Links from today’s show:

Chris Salierno’s baby: Dental Economics

Chris Salierno’s blog: The Curious Dentist

Adhese Vivapen

Peak Universal Bond

3M Universal Bond

Variolink esthetic cement

Vista Dental Thermo-flo

GC G-aenial flowable



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  1. Stacey simmons, DDS

    Funny, informative and made my drive to work go way too fast! Loved it! I’ve worked with Chris for a couple of years doing Pennwell and DE stuff. The ideas ands changes he has implemented while being the man at the top, thus far, have had tremendous impact in multiple avenues of the profession. He may drive an Accord, but that clearly hasn’t stopped him from going places and “making his own luck”!! Some good stuff will be coming our way, especially since he now a budding TV star!! Bravo Chris, bravo!

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