An open letter to Teflon

Oh my dear Teflon tape,

I adore you more than most other products in my bonding tub. 

The mere sight of your royal blue shell elevates my spirits. I can not imagine bonding without your smooth, flexible skin hugging the adjacent teeth in my work area. Your intimate adaptation never fails. The way you keep unwanted cement from violating the area is nothing short of magnificent. Thank you for allowing me fast and easy clean up. You have saved me countless hours over the years, and for this I am forever grateful. 

And if this was not enough, you are always there for me when I need to close an access. Not just one kind of access either. Your ability to fill in a small abutment hole, or a large endo access is uncanny. Whatever my needs are, you are there to conform to them. A small piece of you compresses easily into the shape I most desire, and you are readily packed into position. You then leave plenty of room for the next material to shine. Thank you for being so accommodating. 

And lastly, your price. You’d make even Zach Meiners blush. I cannot say enough about my love for you. Thank you for always being there, being light and flexible, restrictive when needed, and always accommodating.

Yours forever,