Dentist declares, “All CEREC crowns suck.”

A dentist in Lithium Falls, NV determined today that one hundred percent of CEREC CAD/CAM crowns suck.

When reached for comment Steve Pace DDS declared “I had a new patient today that had one of them there robot crowns done last year at another office. There was an open margin and the shade was off.”

When asked the basis for his shocking n=1 sample size conclusion Pace responded,” Because I saw it with my own eyes.”

The Scallion’s investigation revealed that despite Pace’s undergraduate degree in chemistry, taking numerous high level calculus and statistics classes, as well as statistical analysis in every science class he ever took including dental school classes his methodology remained unwavering.

Pace, who boasts that the PFM crowns he places, and has been placing since the 80’s are “perfect” was posed the following questions. 

Scallion: Do your crowns ever have open margins?

Pace: “Never, except when the lab screws up.”

S: Is the shade correct on all of your crowns?

P: “Always, except for when the lab screws up.”

S: Are all of your crown and bridge impressions perfect?

P: “Always, except when the lab screws up pouring them.”

S: Do all of your crown preps have adequate reduction and 10 degree taper?

P: “Always, unless the patient has a large tongue, extra saliva, or can’t sit still.”

When asked if perhaps the Cerec crown previously mentioned might have had an open margin because of factors outside the dentist’s control and despite the dentist’s best effort Pace responded, “All CEREC crowns suck”

Here at the Scallion we recognize that statistics and cognitive dissonance are strange bedfellows and are next going to investigate the correlation between the placement of mini implants and the wearing of bow ties. Stay tuned!