Dentist Discovers That She’s Horrible After Purchasing Loupes

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIADr. Marianne Brown first became interested in purchasing a pair of loupes after attending the annual Hinman Dental meeting in 2014. The salesman gave a very good presentation and Dr. Brown took the literature back to her practice to review.

Dr. Brown stated, “I brought the literature back to the office 4 years ago and was really considering purchasing the new piece of equipment.” She went on to add, “I eventually decided that I didn’t need loupes as I was an excellent dentist with 15 years of experience. My work was perfect and I never had trouble seeing the margins”

This past spring, Dr. Brown attended the Hinman meeting again. She was cornered by the Designs for Vision booth when the line for the free blow up dolphin at the Oral-B booth blocked the aisle and her getaway route. She eventually succumbed to his sales pitch and purchased a pair of loupes, even upgrading to the sport frames.

When the loupes finally arrived at her office it was a couple of weeks before Dr. Brown decided to give them a whirl just for fun on an occlusal filling for tooth 29.

While prepping the tooth Dr. Brown noted, “I destroyed this tooth. I nicked the adjacent tooth. I got phosphoric acid on the gingiva. I left a void at the margin. The polish looks like it was scratched by a chicken.”

Until purchasing the loupes she had no idea what a truly horrible dentist she was. After that fateful day, Dr. Brown put her loupes on her desk and is now working full time at the Starbucks at the corner of 17th and Main Streets.