Dentist Uses Google Instead Of Facebook Group

Steve Pace DDS from Lithium Falls Nevada reported that he used a Google search to answer a question instead of crowd sourcing it on Facebook. 

“It really was a question of expediency” said Pace. “Google answered very quickly“  The question “where can I buy inexpensive scrubs” reportedly took Google .68 seconds to return an answer. This resulted in a considerable time savings for Pace who runs a very busy top 5 percent practice outside of Las Vegas.

This reporter was astonished at the efficiency and time savings that Pace reported and decided to put this method to a test. First, I asked the question of where to buy inexpensive scrubs on a Facebook forum.

I got a wide variety of answers including, “you shouldn’t wear scrubs,” “why are you so cheap,” “you should contact your malpractice insurance,” and my favorite “did you get a chest x-ray?”

Reading through all these responses took a lot of time and made me more confused.

Maybe Pace was right.

Ironically one of the last responses I got was from a dentist in North Carolina who simply said “why don’t you Google it?”

So I did. I put the question into the Google search bar and pressed enter. I sat back and waited.

Lo and behold .68 seconds later I got multiple quality answers! There were online stores that were convenient and also some stores in my neighborhood. I love to support local businesses so I even went to a store down the street called “Walmart” and tried on some scrubs. They didn’t fit the way I liked so I decided I needed to go on a diet. 

Unsure of which diet is best for me I asked a Facebook forum the best way to lose weight. I’ll report my findings next time.