Does the world really need another dental website?

Short answer: Yes. Absolutely yes.

Jason and I started the Dental Hacks podcast for no other reason than we wanted to have a podcast out there that WE would want to listen to. We figured we would put out an authentic voice for dentists talking about the kinds of things regular dentists routinely experience. The ups (creating a new smile for a patient that desperately wanted it), the downs (barely making the payroll some months) and everything in between

Over 1.2 million downloads later, I think we were right. Dentists and dental team members react to authentic content from other dental people. And over the last 3 or so years, Jason and I have met some people. A lot of people! Dental people that have something to say. We’ve had lots of them on the podcast and will continue to. But there are way more stories than we’ll ever have time for on a podcast.

I started in this space as a blogger. Back in 2008, I put together a blog for my office and it has continued to be my office’s web presence. Blogging isn’t as cool as it used to be. Now it’s all about about Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

But let’s be honest. It’s hard to tell a good story in such a short form. So we’re taking a gamble here. The gamble is this…there is still room for articles and authentic stories from dental people. You can expect to read entertaining stories about the ups and downs of being in the dental world. You’ll get tons of great practice management insights from dentists and managers that are really doing it. Plus…you’ll see clinical tips and tricks ranging from outright dental porn to cringeworthy narratives of what went wrong and what we might do better. Finally, you’ll get a chance to read dental satire the likes of which you’ve never seen! Our very own “Scallion” is writing “Onion-worthy” dental content that is scathing, hilarious and not to be missed!

The Dental Hacks podcast is all about authentic stories about the great stuff and not so great stuff about our profession. The Dental Hacks website is going to expand upon that in daily digest form. We’re really excited to start this new chapter of our media journey and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Buckle in…it’s going to be an amazing ride!