Famous Dentist’s S&!t Actually Stinks

Steve Pace DDS of Lithium Falls, NV recently attended a lecture in Cleveland, Ohio given by noted Crown and Bridge God, Dr. Will Purts.

“I like to travel to exotic locales for my continuing education” Pace said, “Cleveland seemed like an amazing destination.” Pace continued, “Besides, I’d seen a lot of Purts’ cases online and thought I could learn a thing or two from him.”

To Pace’s surprise, the lecture consisted of Purts showing slide after slide of his full mouth rehab work whilst encouraging/berating the audience that they should be doing full mouth rehabs on all their patients.

“He really did make me feel inadequate” Pace opined. “It was the kind of dental porn that makes Joshua Austin run out of hand lotion, if you know what I mean.”

Pace continued, “I didn’t travel all the way to sunny Cleveland to be made to feel bad. I have a PPO practice. I’m lucky if my patients can afford one crown a year.”

Pace went on to explain, “Something interesting happened during the afternoon break. We had lunch consisting of egg salad sandwiches and water, which I thought was pretty good for the $5,000 tuition we paid. Purts called for a break around two o’clock and so I headed to the little boys room to take care of business. That’s when all heck broke loose.”

With a smirk on his face, Dr. Pace continued, “There I was at the urinal minding my business when all of a sudden there was moaning and groaning and multiple explosions coming from the stall behind me. This continued for almost 5 full minutes, followed by an unspeakable stench the likes I’ve never smelled before in my life. The toilet flushed and out came Purts, all red in the face and muttering to himself. That’s when it dawned on me…his s!&t DOES stink!”

Pace said he skipped the second day of lecture and toured the high points of Cleveland, including the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and a sweet dinner at Mabel’s BBQ.

Pace was happy to report that even though he overate at Mabel’s, HIS smelled like honey.