Misunderstood Dentist in Hiding

Steve Pace DDS of Lithium Falls, Nevada got into some hot water recently when a patient accused him of inappropriate speech in the dental operatory.

The patient, Denisa Grimm, who wishes to remain anonymous, relayed this story to The Shallot via email correspondence.

“Dr. Pace was extremely unprofessional at my last visit. He kept saying how ‘tight’ I was and how he wanted to ‘put three fingers in’ and the real kicker, ‘I guess I’ll just have to ram it in there, so don’t gag.’

“Needless to say, I was quite offended at all the sexual talk and am going to report him to the state board. He should have his mouth washed out with Listerine.”

We contacted Dr. Pace to get his side of the story. Because of the serious allegations, Pace is hiding out in an undisclosed location, but did respond to via email.

“I want to respect HIPAA so I will refer to the patient as Denisa Grimm.”

“Denisa has been a long term patient who recently came to me for acute TMJ symptoms. Her maximum opening was about 15mm, which is really small. I could only put two fingers in as a rough measurement guide, with three fingers being normal. So, yes her masseters were really tight. I wanted to make her a night guard, but I really struggled getting an impression tray in there. Because of the limited opening, I feared if I might make her gag if I loaded the tray with too much algniate. I had to work quick to get a proper impression.”

The Shallot realizes there are two sides to every story and readers should carefully evaluate the facts to determine the truth. To accuse a fine practitioner of such sexual harassment without evaluating both sides of the story is really a low blow.

The final email The Shallot received before Dr. Pace went into hiding consisted of only 4 words.

“That’s what she said.”