New miracle toothpaste…you won’t believe the secret ingredient!

Move over activated charcoal! Propane toothpaste is here and ready to light up your smile!

Conveniently packaged in 8 ounce tanks, propane is clean, clear, and best of all, fortified with ethyl mercaptan to give your breath that “I just ate rotten eggs” aroma.

Don’t you want to be on the cutting edge of oral hygiene? Come on, you’ve brushed with disgusting charcoal toothpaste, you’ve pulled oil and you’ve even brushed with plain baking soda. Jump on to the new ridiculous fad and brush with propane. It’s a gas! It’s no dumber than plastic beads, right?

Steve Pace DDS from Lithium Falls, NV says “I recommend propane for all my patients who brush. It’s good for the environment and their oral health.” Pace, whose license to practice dentistry was revoked in 2015 continued, “they pay me a lot of money to recommend propane toothpaste, so go out and buy some.”

Fads come and go folks so don’t be left behind. Order some propane toothpaste today. Think about it. If you order today, you can be the first in your social media circle to post selfies and Facebook videos using the product! You can be famous before the next big toothpaste fad comes along. Rumor is it will be nuclear…