If you have heart problems. In this case, your doctor Hpvregister.com should carefully check whether your heart can withstand the extra strain of sexual intercourse.

Sorry not sorry, but this show starts off with a giant 10 minute rant about Saturday morning cartoons.  Listeners over 50 will delight in Kevin’s re-telling of the early ages of 70s cartoons while Zach enjoyed the boys commercial cartoons of the 80’s.

Dr. Alan Mead joins us to talk about electric handpieces and tries to sell Kevin and Zach on making the move.  You can’t see it, you’ve gotta feel it…it’s electric!

Alan tell us that he preps harder, faster, better, and stronger with the electric handpieces. He praises the torque, lightweight features, and variable speed.

Downsides include that they are more expensive to buy and maintain.

Kevin actually did a demo on an electric and disagreed on the lightweight feature, if anything he thought it was heavier and the difference in the way it cut didn’t jive “in his hands”.

Zach hasn’t bothered trying electrics because he’s cheap and has a good system with handpiece repairs on his Star handpieces.

Have you tried electric handpieces? Are they better? Worse?

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