All You Need Is Followers

The Fab Four of dentistry: John, Paul, George and Clarissa’s new single “All You Need Is Followers” is tearing up the airwaves with it’s timely message and sound. Critics have noted that the song bears an uncanny resemblance to The Beatles’ “ All you Need is Love” but as John explained, “Sure we may have borrowed a bit from those Liverpool lads, but our song has a distinct Jamaican rhythm which makes it truly unique.” Music aficionados can decide for themselves. The Scallion took some time to sit down with the Fab Four to discuss their new music and dental ventures.

Tucked away in their plush Caribbean get away, the four dentists were open and honest about what their future plans entail. They seemed relaxed and happy to be away from their admiring throngs and chatted openly with this reporter. Paul seemed especially chatty and became their most vocal spokesman. When asked about dentistry’s future and their role in it (and the musical tie in) Paul said, “We really wanted to ‘Come Together’ to help save dentistry through our music. We’ve planned a Grins on the Ocean continuing education course and concert on our ‘Yellow Submarine’ to help spread the word. At that course we ‘Wanna Hold Your Hand’ through various social media modalities and ‘Help’ the average dentist with their marketing. It seems like ‘Yesterday’ we were struggling dentists ourselves but really turned things around in our own practices. Sure, we had a ‘Hard Day’s Night’ or two, but part of our CE continuum is showing ‘A Day In The Life’ of our practices and how you too can copy our success. Just as we have copied others.”

At this point John chimed in. “’In My Life’ I’ve seen how dentistry can really help people AND line my wallet. We want to ‘Get Back’ to the golden age of dentistry and really show how dentists can be high earners. ‘Because,'” John continued, “in ‘The End,’ we want all dentists to say ‘Baby, You’re A Rich Man’ too. John leaned in at this point and said, “’Do You Want To Know A Secret?'” I nodded yes. He continued, “actually we are really only in this for the ‘Money,’ all of these Facebook groups and podcasts and CE events ‘Here, There And Everywhere’ don’t mean a thing unless there is some cold hard cash involved.”

George, the quiet one did have some input. “Don’t get us wrong, we do have some value at our events. For example, how to avoid the ‘Taxman’ by doing creative accounting. ‘Feel Fine’ keeping the dough we make because we work hard. Posting all over Facebook and using a lot of emoticons makes me want to ‘Twist And Shout’ some days. However, I really think our message can really make a dental ‘Revolution’”

Clarissa, an aspiring “Paperback Writer” chimed in last. “Listen, just like the real Beatles borrowed from Chuck Berry and The Everly Brothers we have been known to borrow from some of the dental legends that came before us, we just have the advantage of social media and being able to manipulate our followers.” Almost on cue Clarissa continued, “’Please Please Me’ by signing up for my email newsletter. You will get valuable information from ‘Across The Universe’ of dentistry. ‘Don’t Let me Down,’ sign up today. You will get an email ‘Eight Days A Week’ with nearly useless content ‘From Me To You.'”

With that I ended the interview a bit perplexed. There seemed to be a lot of talk but no real substance. Sure the Fab Four seem to have a compelling look and message on the outside, but it seems like all I was really given was a “Ticket To Ride”.