Dr. Benny Shoots from the Hip

West Oklahoma dentist Benjamin Winthrop, or “Dr. Benny” as his patients call him has a unique style of practice.

He specializes in a one of a kind brand of smile makeovers. While most well known comprehensive dental educators like Spear or Kois recommend a combination of disciplines, like orthodontics, oral surgery and even airway management, to effect a great cosmetic result, Dr Benny likes to just “crown ’em all.”

Lots of cosmetic cases are enhanced or completed by orthodontics. Well known modalities such as Invisalign and Powerprox 6 month braces can achieve amazing esthetic results in a short amount of time using the patient’s own enamel as veneer material. Sometimes after straightening the teeth, whitening, edge bonding or conservative veneers can be made to complete the cosmetic makeover. Dr. Benny, however takes a different approach.

Dressed in his tired Affliction t-shirt and embroidered jeans Dr. Benny explained, “I’m like a cowboy, the teeth are like injuns and I like to round them up into their teepees”.

He continued, “My patients don’t have time for silly treatments like orthodontics to get a great smile, if a tooth is out of alignment I simply mow it down for a crown or extract it.”

When pressed further why he doesn’t offer orthodontics to his patients Dr. Benny admitted “I have two treatment modalities, crowns and photoshop. Besides, orthodontics got me in big trouble once…big big trouble…did I mention big trouble?”

Dr. Benny, although controversial, does have a lot of fans. His Facebook page is full of admiring laymen who are astounded by his great works and tear jerking videos. He really strikes a chord with the dentally uneducated, those who don’t understand biology, and those who are a sucker for a sob story.

Because of this we tried to dig deeper to see what makes Dr. Benny tick. We asked Dr. Benny what really makes him happy in his practice. His answer was simple, yet revealing.

He likes treating patients with very large, perfectly shaped, beautiful, full…eyes. He often does his procedures without a patient bib, because it is “distracting” and doesn’t allow him to fully appreciate the patient’s gorgeous, heaving, deeply entrancing…eyes.

“I like to see the patient’s…eyes when we have finished removing all the enamel from their teeth and replaced it with porcelain. It makes me tingle inside.”

Dr. Benny has hobbies outside of dentistry too. He likes having pizza parties, shopping for used cars and making inappropriate videos of his family. Regardless of his detractors, it really seems like Dr. Benny has the world by the short hairs. He’s practicing HIS way, and makes a great living at it.

Listen folks, some dentists dance, some dentists 10x, some dentists are out to save the profession and monetize their Facebook groups. Dr. Benny just likes making ladies cry, by removing one enamel rod at a time.