Crown Actually Pays for Dentist’s Car

Steve Pace DDS of Lithium Falls, NV is the proud owner of a brand new car after doing a crown on a patient yesterday. Apparently, the restoration of the patient’s broken molar with a zirconia crown netted Pace enough money to buy the car of his dreams. “Patient’s say ‘I bet this crown is paying for your new car’ all the time,” Pace said. “I needed a new ride so this time I made it happen”.

The Shallot is here to break down the math for you. Pace’s crown fee is about the national average of $1200 US. Because Pace has a top 5% practice in Nevada he has been able to control his overhead considerably. “I really look to trim costs and be efficient,” said Pace.

Would you take a look at this beauty!

By using gray market supplies and a cheap overseas lab Pace’s overhead hovers around 70 percent. Let’s break this down for you. According to our calculations the 1,200 dollar crown netted Dr. Pace 360 dollars. Lucky for him he found a willing seller of a 1978 Chevy Chevette in mint condition. You can see the car in the photo below.

It’s really a good family car” said Pace. “I’ll be able to haul me and four kids around with safety and ease.”

We also contacted the seller of the car, Frank Sidoris, of Las Vegas, NV. When asked why he would be willing to part with such a cherry automobile for a paltry sum Frank replied, “I needed some cash for my wife’s root canal.”

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