United States Treasury recognizes “crowns per month” as currency

The U.S. Treasury is breaking years of tradition and monetary policy to allow potential crowns as official US currency. Taking a cue from dental supply companies, financing of large purchases will now be based on how many crowns a month it will take to pay it off. Fannie Mae will also be releasing their “House for 5” which will provide immediate approval of home loans in exchange for only 5 crowns per month.   

Zach Wilson, a new dental school graduate, was very excited by the news. “With $500k in student loan debt, this makes buying my dream house possible!” He also added “who can’t do 5 crowns in a month?” The proposition of owning an impossibly priced house is a dream for millions of America, and this plan may be the key to owning these overpriced domiciles.

Of course this relaxing of treasury policy doesn’t stop at home purchases. The crown exchange is also intended for pricey automobiles, and certainly those above the $100k range. While the prices of these cars may have been prohibitive in the past, the 2 crowns a month plan has opened the door for great opportunity. That same dental student with $500k in student debt can be rollin’ in style in no time.   

All of these scenarios are due to an approval process, which can be completed by having a pulse and a pen. Contact your local crown broker for more info.