Young Dentist Attempts Legendary Procedure Without Adequate Training

CLEVELAND, OHIO—After an exhaustive internet search which included both Google and YouTube, a young Cleveland  area dentist performed a surgical technique he’d only heard about. Dr. Bryce Anderson, 34, of Bay Village, Ohio explains, “I’d heard about this technique from so many of my patients. It just had to be an effective technique if everyone was doing it”.

“I’d had difficulty with several extractions in a row and I was frustrated. I remembered hearing about this technique and decided I’d try it, so I put my knee on the patients chest. I’ll be damned if the extraction didn’t go perfectly!!” said Anderson. “Those old guys really knew what they were doing” stated an excited Dr. Anderson.  After the success of the legendary extraction technique, Dr. Anderson has future plans to stop wearing gloves and switch out white fillings for amalgam.