Dentist 100X’s his Practice by Posting Dance Video

NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA—Dr. Ron Titus’ dental practice is booming. How did he do it? Was it Facebook ads? Mailers? Radio spots? Actually it wasn’t any of these things. It was the Shiggy challenge. An internet dance craze that grabbed attention during the summer of 2018 is now being touted as a sure fire way to gain new patients in the dental office. 

“It’s been quite a ride,” said Dr. Titus. “The social media marketing company I was using told me I would ruin their campaign if I posted it. But I knew the hip hop dance lessons I had taken since I was a child would pay off someday.”

The video, which has been seen over 9 million times, showcases Dr. Titus’ incredible dance moves. The fact that he’s built like a an Adonis and wearing form fitting black scrubs probably helped the video go viral.

“He can fill my cavity any time,” said one appreciative female fan on Facebook.

In fact, the viral video has made Dr. Titus’s practice so busy that he’s changing his business model.

“I never thought I’d be looking for multiple associates, but the demand is definitely there. I’m ready to add members to the team here at New Bern Progressive Center for Aesthetic and Comprehensive Reconstructive Dentistry and Orthodontics Institute! But don’t bother to apply if you don’t have moves!”

Once Dr. Titus hires his associates he’s decided to hang up the dental drill. “Look, dentistry has been great for me and I’ll definitely miss it, but the real money is in viral videos,” the dancing dentist said.

Dr. Titus told us to expect new dance videos and to be on the lookout for his new social media marketing company, DDSMM (Dancing Dentist Social Media Mastery).